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The Ghetto Hindu

Singer, Traveler, Artist, Seeker, Activist and Frustrated Writer. I am a mother of two, a wife of one. Born and raised in Oakland, Ca. I am half Indian and half American.  I‘ve been lucky enough to travel the world as a singer and even luckier to make money as a songwriter. Through it all I’ve always written. Stories, articles, political commentary and fiction.

Presently, I live in Italy where I run around drinking great wine and speaking bad Italian. 

With the years passing, I’ve been troubled to find memories that were once so crisp becoming hazy around the edges. We live this crazy life just to forget it all?? Hell no! So I’ve decided to give into my frustrated writing impulses and start documenting to paper both past and present and future. From life in India, gigs in Macau, to years traversing the Hollywood music scene, to life as an expat in Italy. The only rule is NO RULES! 
Follow me on my journey! 


The Ghetto Hindu.

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